The Illinois Community College Board presents the Transitions Academy Fall Convening 2020. This convening is designed to assist colleges and partnerships working on developing Bridge and ICAPS (Integrated Career and Academic Preparation System) programs and expanding the partnerships between Adult Education and Career and Technical Education as it relates to the IET/ICAPS models, Illinois Bridge programs, and Illinois Programs of Study. Below are the details of the 2020 convening. 

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November 5, 2020

Welcome and State of the State

  • Join Illinois’ senior leadership as they welcome us to the Transitions Academy and get our day started. Hear the overall vision of the career pathway system and how ICAPS/IETs and Bridges serve as a vital pathway for Illinois’ economic recovery. Considering the challenges and opportunities of COVID-19, see where we stand now as we reinforce our goals for the future. 
  • Presented by Jennifer K. Foster- Deputy Executive Director, Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), Whitney Thompson- Senior Director for Career and Technical Education (CTE), ICCB, and Kathy Olesen-Tracey, Senior Director for Adult Education and Literacy, ICCB.

How to Up Your Recruitment: Strategies, Tips, and Tricks-- ICAPS/IET and Bridge

  • During this session, we will explore evidence-based strategies to implement to support recruitment.
  • Presented by Aimee Julian, Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support (ICSPS) and Brittany Boston, ICSPS

11:00 AM- Overcoming Barriers: Promising Practices from Experienced Programs

  • As part of an NRS Evaluation Learning Community, ICCB distributed a survey to all Illinois Adult Education Programs examining aspects of creating, sustaining, and scaling their ICAPS/IET programs. The top barriers identified in this survey will be discussed by a panel of experienced administrators who will share their promising practices and ideas for moving through these barriers.
  • Presented by Dan Deasy- College of DuPage, Elizabeth Hobson- Elgin Community College, Arlene Santos-George- College of Lake County, Laura Williams- Danville Area Community College

Breakout Sessions

 1. Course Approval and How to Enter in DAISI

  • Processes will be explained by ICCB for how to gain approval for Bridges and ICAPS courses. We will also talk about how to make sure students and classes are identified correctly in Dais-I
  • Presented by Kathy Olesen-Tracey, ICCB, Angela Gerberding, ICCB, Cecelia Elhaddad, ICCB, and Jane Black, ICCB 

2. Using Virtual Learning Communities to Engage and Teach Students 

  • As we all look for additional ways to connect with our students in our virtual world, consider embracing technology and making it work for you and for your students. Virtual learning communities provide a setting for human connection, opportunities for deeper learning, and a possible link to work expectations and skills.
  • Presented by Sarah Goldammer, SIPDC and Aimee Julian, ICSPS

3. Successful IELCE Programming 

  • This session will provide a brief overview of Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) and possible program models. Also included will be “IELCE in Action” where an adult education IELCE Associate Dean will share experiences and practices of their IELCE program with participants. In addition, resources and professional development opportunities will be shared.
  • Presented by Bevan Gibson, SIPDC, Catherine Porter, Adult Learning Resource Center, and Marcia Luptak, Elgin Community College

Breakout Sessions

1. Components of ICAPS/IET Program

  • Hear for the first time or review for greater understanding the required components of an ICAPS/IET. Resources will be provided to guide your thinking and discussion at the Academy and with all of your team as you plan, develop, sustain, and scale your ICAPS/IETs.
  • Presented by Aimee Julian, ICSPS, Whitney Thompson, ICCB, Bevan Gibson, SIPDC, Brittany Boston, ICSPS, Kathy Olesen-Tracey, ICCB, and Angela Gerberding, ICCB.

2. Components of a Bridge Program

  • Hear for the first time or review for greater understanding the required components of a Bridge Program. Resources will be provided to guide your thinking and discussion at the Academy and with all of your team as you plan, develop, sustain, and scale your Bridges.
  • Including topics: contextualized instruction, transitional service, and career development
  • Presented by Sarah Goldammer, SIPDC, and Cecelia Elhaddad, ICCB.

Responsive Program Design in ICAPS/IETs/Bridge Programs

  • You’ve heard the components of ICAPS/IETs and Bridges, now consider your program design in response to the needs within Illinois. Utilizing LMI and employer engagement, how can you provide opportunities for high-wage occupation training? Consider the importance of leadership buy-in, integrating WBL strategies, and braiding funding to provide innovative programming in these challenging times. Participants will hear directly from Illinois Central College who has to utilize each one of these levers to implement their workforce readiness initiatives. 
  • Presented by Whitney Thompson, ICCB, and Kathy Olesen-Tracey, ICCB, and Dawn Koeltzow, Teresa Osterloo, and Andy Creek-Illinois Central College. 

 November 6, 2020 

How to offer ICAPS/IET Training Component and Bridges Virtually or as a Hybrid 

  • Integrating training is challenging in good times, but how do we continue to press forward now? Join two programs to hear how they are meeting the needs of their students finding ways to provide training virtually or as a hybrid.
  • Presented by William O'Connor, Michelle Lyman, Angela Logwood, and Patty Zuccarello -Joliet Junior College & Laura Williams- Danville Community College


Breakout Sessions

1. Career Navigators-Providing Support Services Virtually

  • As we strive to provide online learning opportunities, we must also reach our students virtually to provide innovative, essential training for career development, provide virtual wrap-around services, and support their continued move towards their high-wage career goal.
  • Presented by Lucas Robison- ROE 33, Michelle Lyman and Mandy Dwyer- Joliet Junior College, and Meaghan Young-Stephens and Denise Guzman- Triton College

2. Integrating Adult Education Standards with CTE Outcomes 

  • Learn how to contextualize adult education standards to workforce program outcomes in your ICAPS programs! A single set of integrated learning outcomes is required for Title II-funded Integrated Education and Training (IET) programs like ICAPS. Take a look at how this is done. Participants are encouraged to have their adult education standards and a set of workforce program outcomes on hand for the applied learning portion of the webinar; however, samples will be provided for all.
  • Presented by William Durden, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Emerging Practices Now and in the Future 

  • Finish your Transitions Academy experience hearing fresh ideas from fellow programs highlighting their emerging practices. See what’s happening now! Hear about mentoring opportunities and the next steps in developing, implementing, and scaling your Bridges and ICAPS/IETs. 
  • Presented by Kathi Lee, Lawrence Education Center and Tina Raymond-Carter, A Safe Haven