The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) and Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support (ICSPS) are pleased to support a Virtual Forum on Competency-based Education (CBE). The purpose of this forum is to provide professional development to interested institutions on competency-based education. This workshop will start with an overview of competency-based education, led by Charla Long at C-BEN.

Other sessions include the national community college landscape and research by AIR and local implementation sessions by community colleges implementing CBE from around the country. In particular, the forum will assist participants in understanding what competency-based education looks like in practice, how it can advance equity, and what opportunities are available for support for the system.


  • Welcome ICCB + CBE 101
    • Presented by Tiffany Freeze, Principal Consultant, Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN)

  • CBE Community College Landscape 
    • Presented by Jessica Mason, AIR



  • Local Implementation Journey - Sinclair Community College (Ohio)
    • Presented by Christina Amato, Dean of E-Learning
    • Facilitated Discussion Sessions: 
      • Cost Considerations
      • Student Supports
      • Faculty Engagement
    • Presentation