This convening took a look at community colleges' role in apprenticeship programming - a critical workforce development tool. Attendees learned how community colleges can work in partnership with local employers to build and improve their workforce through apprenticeship programming. The 2-day event included national, state, and local perspectives on the topic. Also shared were lessons learned from the ICCB-led Customized Apprenticeship Programming in Information Technology grant, a 10-college consortium project. 

The event took place on June 6 and 7, 2023.

Event Resouces:

Exactly What to Ask to Build Learning Experiences That Future-Proof Businesses and Change Lives

Presented by: Dave Inglis

The Role Community Colleges Play in Scaling Apprenticeship in the United States

Presented by: Robert Lerman, Institute Fellow, Center for Labor, Human Services and Population at the Urban Institute

Apprenticeship Hacks: Best Practices for Increasing Enrollment, Persistence, and Completion; Building a Local Talent Pipeline; and Advancing DEIAB

Presented by: Veronica Inselmann, Heartland Community College; Danielle Kuglin Seago, College of DuPage; Bonnie Moore, Director, Lake Land College; and Curt Rendall, Heartland Community College

Description: This presentation included proven tips and strategies to address common challenges to adopting and scaling a US DOL Registered Apprenticeship Program while maximizing student, community, and institutional benefits. Best practices from three community colleges of different sizes and geographic settings were shared in a combination of presentation and open discussion formats.

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Fueling Future Tech: Strategic Initiatives to Upskill Incumbent Workers in IT

Presented by: Amanda Kost, Kishwaukee College; Laura Gregory, Kishwaukee College; Kim Wilkerson, Rend Lake College; and Heather Adams, Rend Lake College

Description: Join us for an engaging breakout session as we delve into upskilling incumbent workers in the field of IT through the Customized Apprenticeship Programming, Information Technology (CAP-IT) Grant. Gain valuable insights into identifying and cultivating employer partnerships that drive professional growth and foster a culture of continuous learning. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover practical, sustainable strategies to unlock the full potential of your employer network.

Apprenticeship 101

Presented by: Angela Gerberding, Illinois Community College Board Aime'e Julian, Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support

Description: This session was an introduction to apprenticeship and the different apprenticeship models in Illinois.

Bringing Apprenticeships to Scale

Presented by: Michelé Smith, Vice President of Workforce Solutions, William Rainey Harper College

Description: How do you start an apprenticeship program and bring it to scale? Harper College is nationally known for its ample and successful apprenticeship programs, but it wasn’t always that way. Dr. Smith will share their journey from scratch to full scale, citing lessons learned.

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Relationships between Apprenticeships and Adult Education in Illinois: Stories from around the State

Presented by: Sarah Goldammer, Southern Illinois Professional Development Center, and Tara Schwab, Southern Illinois Professional Development Center

Description: The presenters overviewed adult education and apprenticeship relationships in Illinois. They gave a brief history of apprenticeships in the state and a detailed description of how different programs approach apprenticeships, specifically regarding adult education students and their participation in the programs. Presenters discussed the successes and challenges the programs faced with implementation. Participants were asked to share opportunities for additional partnerships for pre-apprenticeships as pipelines into existing apprenticeships in Illinois.

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Building Communities by Building Community

Presented by: Julie Gelaude, Black Hawk College

Description: The Illinois Department of Transportation created the Highway Construction Careers Training Program (HCCTP) to prepare people to work in the building trades and to increase the number of minorities, women, and disadvantaged persons working on ILDOT projects. Students learn essential construction skills during the 13 weeks of HCCTP. Students work in the classroom, in the shop, and on projects in the community. This full-time program covers math, job/life skills, blueprint reading, 10-hour OSHA, stick welding, and construction equipment operation. Journeymen instructors help prepare students with hands-on skills and knowledge to succeed when they start work in the construction field. HCCTP is offered at no cost to the participant. The outcome goal for HCCTP graduates is to become Apprentices and then Journeymen/Journeywomen in the building trades.

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Apprenticeship Illinois - Expanding Apprenticeship Programs Across the State

Presented by: Kim Kuchenbrod, Administrator Consultant, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO)

Description: This session reviewed strategies and initiatives the State has implemented using US DOL Apprenticeship USA grants and DCEO’s statewide activities funds to expand apprenticeship. These include implementing a network of intermediaries and navigators, using the Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) framework and sector strategies to work with businesses, and using data to inform diversity, equity, inclusion, and access (DEIA) to serve apprentices better. Additionally, anticipating new US DOL funding, the State is re-envisioning the Navigator role and embedding those functions within the local integrated business service teams.

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