Campaign Background

The Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) is leading efforts for the Noncredit Workforce Training Initiative, partnering with Community College Noncredit Workforce Programs and Adult Education Providers, which has four key objectives including:

  • the expansion of noncredit program offerings,
  • increasing affordability of noncredit training for students,
  • offering business solutions to employers and
  • facilitating the collaboration with adult education providers to provide workplace literacy programs. 

As such, ICCB and its partners will launch a statewide employer engagement campaign called Behind Every Employer Illinois. The campaign will engage colleges and providers in the development of an employer-focused toolkit, professional development webinars, and paid ads to capture contact information of prospective employers who want to engage with the training programs. 

Advisory Committee Members 

Thank you to our Advisory Committee for supporting the development of the campaign toolkit!  

Campaign Assets

Webinar #1: Leveraging the Statewide Behind Every Employer Campaign 

This webinar informs participants about the Behind Every Employer campaign strategy, the components of the campaign, and the value of participating in order to engage employers with your noncredit and/or adult education business solutions. 

Participants learn:

  • Challenges in engaging employers
  • Why employers need specialized strategies to build awareness & engagement
  • The components of the statewide campaign and the benefits of participation
  • The key timelines for campaign rollout
  • An overview of the campaign tools and the purpose of each

Webinar #1 Handout 

Webinar #2: Building your Local Unique Selling Proposition 

This webinar helps colleges and adult education practitioners understand the process of developing a unique selling proposition (USP) to attract local employers to their offerings. 

Participants learn:

  • How to use a competitive analysis template to identify your USP
  • The various touch points that are effective for targeting businesses
  • How to tailor the toolkit items to push out your USP


Webinar #3: From Prospecting to Engagement 

This webinar assists colleges and adult education practitioners in closing prospects from the campaign leads. 

Participants learn:

  • How to use a consultative sales approach to build value with employers 
  • How to adapt the needs assessment tool to pinpoint solutions for their prospects
  • How to establish success metrics with employer customers
  • Creating a Personal Marketing Resume for an effective leave-behind

July 18, 2024
3pm – 4pm CST
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