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Neurodivergent Employees: Embracing and Valuing Autistic People in the Workforce
Tuesday 08 February 2022, 10:00am - 11:30am
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There will be 500,000+ persons on the autism spectrum aging into adulthood over the next 10 years. Yet a whopping 85% of college grads affected by autism are unemployed, compared to the national unemployment rate of 4.5%. Because of the prevalence of ASD, it's important for organizations to understand the disorder and its impact on work and training. Employing employees on the spectrum also means providing training to support their skills—and training for the organization to create an inclusive culture. With the right supports in place, hiring employees with autism can provide real benefits by increasing diversity and filling skills gaps with an almost untapped group of employees. Research shows that there can be business benefits to hiring employees with autism, including the fact that neurodiversity, broadly defined as a diversity of thinking styles and abilities, is arguably especially important for innovative decision-making. Panelists will talk about what’s needed to support and welcome more neurotypical employees into the workplace, including from autistic-led firms and firms started by parents of autistic individuals.

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