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Self-Care for Leaders: Identifying Purpose and Redefining Practice- ISELA Summer Workshops & Academics 2021
Tuesday 22 June 2021, 11:00am - 02:00pm
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Education professionals must fill the multifaceted roles of compliance manager, instructional leader,
and program developer. The requisite soft skills and creative demands of this forward-facing role
underscore the imperative nature of self-reflection and personal awareness that is only accompanied
by adequate self-care. The practice of self-care is an after-thought for many educators and leaders
as it may seem superfluous, optional, and inconvenient. This administrative academy is designed to
underscore the critical importance of self-care for educational leaders. This administrative academy
will connect self-care to the Illinois Performance Standards for School Leaders in order to create a
culture that supports the effective effort.
Objectives :

  • Gather current personal data to assess the impact of self-care practices on professional
  • Reframe self-care as an investment in productivity and effective leadership.
  • Understand the neuroscience and other peer-reviewed research that supports the need to
    understand self-care as part of trauma compassion leadership.
  • Identify self-care practices and their direct impact on participant’s current performance and wellbeing.
  • Practice self-care exercises using both digital and non-digital tools.
  • Develop an action plan to implement practical strategies for daily self-care to support participants on ongoing well-being both personally and professionally.


Evisha Ford

  • Dr. Evisha Ford has a passion for serving marginalized youth which began at an
    early age. From providing therapeutic intervention for inner-city homeless youth,
    serving as a public education special education administrator, and founding and
    operating the iCanDreamCenter which addresses the recreational, emotional, and
    post-secondary needs of youth with disabilities, she believes education is the
    the cornerstone to ensuring all students have the chance to succeed.

Stacey Gonzales

  • Dr. Stacey Gonzales believes educators can create meaningful social connections
    and emotionally supportive spaces both online and in-person. She began her
    career as an English teacher with a passion for designing meaningful learning
    experiences. She currently serves as a public high school curriculum director and
    educational consultant who is dedicated to inspiring others to develop authentic
    personal and professional relationships built on a strong foundation of trust.

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