How to Enter CTE Palooza World

Step 1. Visit here 

Step 2. Click "I have a code"

Step 3. Type in Join Code: GQ7Y7X

Step 4. Connect with Google or Create a Username

How to Earn Palooza Points 

  • Submit a Secret Code- Win 50 Points for each session that took place on the Palooza Stage for attending and submitting the secret code on our Cutting Edge Careers Palooza World
  • Challenges- Complete any of the palooza challenges to win between 5-25 points including:
    • Show us your Stage! 
    • Become a Palooza Judge
    • Write a Palooza Review
  • Leaderboard- Check yourself out on the leaderboard to compete with other students

palooza prizes 1

Top 3 Students on the Palooza Playlist Leaderboard Win: All Points Due May 14, 2021 

• 30-minute Zoom meeting with Jodie Sue-Kelley on presenting your best self during an interview
• 30-minute Zoom meeting with Jodie Sue-Kelley to liven up your resume for employers
• College and Business swag box

palooza prizes