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Windmills Training: Navigating Education and the Workplace through Accessibility

This training was based on the “Windmills” curriculum and was designed to be a high-impact attitudinal training program that integrates disability into the spectrum of diversity awareness.  The training provided an upbeat daylong workshop aimed at raising awareness of the limitations often imposed on people with disabilities due to a lack of knowledge or low expectations. Participants were provided with strategies for success in engaging employers and navigating the educational landscape and work place. The training focused on attitudes and human factors, but it also concerns issues including legal requirements and accommodation.

Target Audience:
• Career & Technical Administrators & Faculty
• ICAPS Team Teachers
• Early School Leaver Transitions Programs
• Adult Education Providers

The presentation materials for the event have been archived and can be found at the links below:

Windmills Training Slideshow
Don’t Take No for an Answer Handout
Discrimination and Equal Rights Protections Handout
Self-Advocacy Know Yourself Handout
Autism Training and Technical Assistance Program Documents are available at:



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