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Puente Program at Los Angeles Valley College


In the Puente Program at Los Angeles Valley College, students take English 28 and English 101 consecutively as a cohort. These classes are taught by the same instructor who is especially is interested in Latino issues and culture. Students develop their writing skills in a supportive and stimulating environment while exploring the Mexican American/ Latino experience. Puente students work closely with the Puente counselor to explore both academic and career options. A detailed educational plan leading students to transfer is developed with each individual. Puente students are also required to take a Personal Development class taught by the Puente counselor in the Fall. Students visit various university campuses and participate in an annual Puente Motivational Conference that takes place at a UC campus. Puentistas are matched with an academically and professionally successful mentor from the community. Mentors share with students how they maintain their cultural identity and how they balance family, career and community related activities. Students are asked to shadow mentors in their professional environments, and oftentimes mentors invite their mentees to cultural events. Mentors along with students and their families are invited to an annual reception at Valley College. The interaction between mentees and mentors who are professionals from the local area can encourage and inspire students to continue their education and professional training to ultimately return with college degrees to their communities as leader and mentors for the next generation.

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