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Disability Awareness Month at West Virginia Northern Community College


West Virginia Northern Community College devotes each October to students with disabilities through a series of special events that also targets the Wheeling community at large. Throughout October, numerous activities promote National Disabilities Awareness Month.  (October is National Disabilities Awareness Month.) Brochures, handouts, and giveaways are available at barbecues on all three campus locations. The highlight of the month is a special performance featuring individuals with disabilities.  In 2014, West Virginia Northern invited the Dancing Wheels Company of Cleveland, Ohio, a group of dancers with and without physical disabilities. After each dance piece is performed, the dancer explains his or her disability to the audience.  Traditional use of observation and survey data is the College’s principal means of evaluating whether events’ goals have been met. Observation onsite at the time of the program activities is used to identify participants’ reactions, and survey forms are available at each venue for each activity.  All attendees, including faculty, staff, students, and community members, are asked to complete a short evaluation/comment card. The evaluation/comment cards collect demographical information as well as information about the quality of the promotion and presentation, what they liked and disliked, and what they learned. Additionally, the total number of event attendees is counted.

Diversity For Equity Proposal With Evaluation Methods

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