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A Webinar Conversation on Creating Support for Wide Scale Changes to Developmental Education

 A Conversation on Creating Support for

Wide-Scale Changes to Developmental Education

How can we improve Illinois’ developmental education system? How can we ensure that stakeholders, including faculty, have substantive input in the process? Women Employed hosted a webinar on September 27th  2013, that featured leaders from Rend Lake College, Miami Dade College, and Texas State University, three institutions that are undertaking major changes to developmental education.

Why do we need this conversation? Around half of Illinois’ first-time community college students enroll in developmental or remedial education, with some colleges enrolling upwards of 90 percent of their students in developmental education. However, there is growing evidence that many students are unnecessarily placed into these programs, which can add two to three years to their college careers. Although improving skills is extremely important for many students, the low college completion rate of those placed in developmental education is a strong indication that the system needs an overhaul.

The guided discussion  addressed how to manage change for lasting, effective reform of the system. The archive of the webinar is here.

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