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FY13 Rock Valley College Pathways New Look Project

Rock Career Pathways is a three-day workshop, aimed at assisting Adult Education students, namely English Language Learners and economically disadvantaged learners, to make goals to enroll in CTE Programs, in one of a variety of career pathways. The three days include 1) an introduction to Career Pathways, 2) an opportunity to gain valuable, in-depth information regarding selected, specific career pathways, and 3) an opportunity to learn about goal setting and decision making, while working with an academic advisor or transitions counselor to develop a plan to get from Adult Education to completion of a certificate or degree. In 2013, approximately 40 students completed the workshop, leaving with a detailed goal-planning booklet for their chosen career path. This is a workshop that Rock Valley College plans to continue enhancing and offering in the future as a key component in our students’ transition to higher education and careers.

Final Report
Marketing Flyer
3 Day Agenda
Participant Feedback
Workshop Stats

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