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FY13 Transitions Academy

The Illinois Community College Board and the Pathways to Careers Network hosted the 2012 Transitions Academy Launch on July 31, 2012.  The purpose of this afternoon inservice was to increase awareness of the expanding partnership between Adult Education and Career and Technical Education as it relates to the ICAPS model, Accelerating Opportunities, Illinois Bridge programs, and Illinois Programs of Study.  Participants were given insight into programs and initiatives on which build effective partnerships between Adult and Career education, and resources for building bridge and ICAPS programs.  In addition participants were provided information on how to apply to be a part of the Illinois Transitions Academy.

Supplemental Material:
Launch Agenda-July 31, 2012
Agenda-August 1, 2012
Achieving Ambitious Goals
Creating Pathways for Adult Learners
Transitions Services Presentation
How I-Best Works
Shifting Gears: State Innovation to Advance Workers and the Economy in the Midwest
Team Teaching Presentation

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