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Integrated Learning Outcomes for Team Teachers

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Please follow the directions below to access the iLEARN system.

1. Turn off your pop-up blockers.

2. Go to
Click on Transitions and then click again on Integrated Learning Outcomes for Team Teachers.

3. Follow the steps below to create an account and access iLEARN.

Enter a Username and Password in the boxes to the left hand side and click the Login button. If someone else has already chosen your username then you’ll have to try again using a different username. Be sure to remember your username and password because you will need it to log-in in the future.

• Add the additional required information: First name, Surname (last name), Email Address, City/Town, and Select a Country.

• Click on the Update Profile button to finish creating your iLEARN account.

4. You will be prompted for an “enrollment key” – use “Team101”. 

5. You can now access the full course. From now on you will log-in on the left-hand
side and you will only need to enter your personal username and password to
log in and access any course you have enrolled in.

NOTE: The enrollment key is Team101.
Troubleshooting Hints

1. If the direct link above does not work:
a. Go to
b. Then click “PD at a distance” on the blue bar on the left hand side.
c. Click on iLEARN in the middle of the page.
d. Click “Transitions” under course categories.
e. Click on “Integrated Learning Outcomes for Team Teachers”

2. The enrollment key is “Team101”.