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Effective Practices

The Early School Leaver Transition Program Logo of Student with celebrating graduation by tossing a mortar board into the air


Effective Recruitment Strategies

At Black Hawk College, the Early School Leaver program coordinator, Marla Andich, presents the particulars of the program to groups of in-coming Optional Education students during each enrollment period as part of their orientation, approximately every three weeks. The students are apprised of the requirements for completing the CRC (Career Research Credit) and are surveyed as to their employment interests.

The Optional Education Program coordinator, staff and faculty refer students who are seeking employment to the Early School Leaver coordinator. The intake and application process is initiated. The student is provided a portfolio with assignments and given direction to complete the Career Decision Making System and a values inventory. Further classroom assignments are made throughout the student’s enrollment.

The TEAM (Teaching for Employment and Academic Mastery, a WIA program) coordinator works closely with the Early School Leaver coordinator to identify participants who need workplace skills training, job search strategies and transition services.

Retention and Transition Strategies

At Black Hawk College several sources of funding have been used to provide scholarships for short-term training or college tuition subsidies to students to encourage completion of high school diploma requirements or attaining the GED. The coordinator, Marla Andich, also plans day trips to campus to acquaint students with the expectations and opportunities which are available at the college.

At Parkland College students are enrolled in an orientation course which provides them with the study skills and foundational information needed to be successful at the college.