2020 Forum for Excellence 

Day 1 September 23, 2020

  • The Anti-Racist Educator: 2020 Forum for Excellence Epilogue

  • Leading in Challenging Times: 8 Pillars of Effective Leadership- Reecie Stagnolia



  • Postsecondary Perkins Technical Assistance Liaison Meeting


  • Angles with Angela


Day 2 September 24, 2020

  • General Session-Brian Durham
  • General Session-Lazaro Lopez

  • The Impact of COVID and the State's Response- Jennifer K. Foster, Whitney Thompson, and Kathy Olsen-Tracey

Breakout Session 1

  • 2030: The Workplace Evolution Presenter- Josh Davies 
  •  Perkins Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment: We Did It!- Arlene Santos-George, Jennifer Serino, & Jennifer Yonan
  • Next Steps Toward a Career? Let Employment 101 Help YOU Decide!- Dee Reinhardt


  • Putting the Band Back Together after COVID- Bonnie Campbell, Patty Zuccarello, & Dana King

Live Recording


  • Discussing Racial Equity in Spaces of Resistance-Marci Rockey, Jason Keist, Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, & Colvin Georges Jr.

Breakout Session 2

  • Maintain Rigor and Engagement in Remote Language Arts Instruction-Anita Kerr & Amy Elston
  • ICAPS Growing Pains: Factors to Consider to Sustain the Program- Arlene Santos-George, Yesenia Mata, and Richard Ammon
  • Training on Instructional Practices for Post-secondary Success (TIPPS)- Aime'e Julian, Brittany Boston, & Shanna Shipman 
  • Bringing Work Home: A Framework for Virtual Work-Based Learning - Heather Penczak, Nikki James, Carl Schneider

Breakout Session 3 

  • Welcoming Students and Teachers Online: Creating Collaborative Online Learning Communities-Joey Lehrman
  • Rethinking the Purpose of Gen Ed Courses in CTE Programs- Francesca Catalano & Patrick Klette
  • Pivoting to an Institutional Blended Learning Adult Education Program in Three Months-Rich Powers, Juanita Buss, Julie Kalsow, Holly Parker, & David Cooper
  • Considering Equity and Inclusion in Online Teaching

 Day 3 September 25, 2020

Breakout Session 4


  • Collaboration for Equitable Faculty Development in Extreme Times- Yolanda Barnes, Cathy Taylor, & Tyler Roeger

  • Utilizing Data to Advance Equitable Outcomes in Small CTE Programs of Study-Marci Rockey, Colvin Georges Jr., Eboni Zamani-Gallaher, & Jason Keist

Part One:

Part Two: 

  • Making the Invisible Visible: Innovation in Education and Skills Training Behind and Beyond Our Prison Walls - Jeffery Abramowitz 

 Breakout Session 5

  • Illinois High School Equivalency Testing Updates-Caitlyn Barnes, Brian Smith, & Jason Carter
  • Introduction to Universal Design for Learning-Aime'e Julian & Sarah Goldammer
  • Navigating the Nuances: Programs of Study and Career Pathways- Whitney Thompson, Janelle Jones, & Ann Storey


  • Building and Using Partnerships to Enhance Success for ESL Students and for ICAPS Model 2- Abraham Celio (Due to a recording error, only the first 20 minutes is available)


  • Addressing the Trauma of COVID- Shanna Shipman