• E-mail address cjborow
  • Phone: 309/438-1952

Position Responsibilities

  • Coordinates logistics of professional development activities
  • Coordinates registration for events
  • Responsible for financial arrangements for professional development activities
  • Processes daily, weekly, monthly, and annual fiscal interactions
  • Facilitates payment of subcontract invoices
  • Initiates and facilitates payment of service agreements
  • Projects payroll expenses
  • Provides general office management and assists in the Center’s projects, material development, and website maintenance
  • Represents the Center in various capacities as it serves professionals across the state
  • Acts as Historian and Records Manager for the Center

Recent Employment

  • Illinois Center for Specialized Professional Support, Illinois State University, 1999-current
  • Illinois Professional Development Partnership Center, Illinois State University, 1998-1999
  • Osco Drug, 1987-1998

Technical Assistance Experience

  • Project Management
    NTO/New Look Administration
  • Grant Involvement
    Fiscal responsibilities for all grants associated with ICSPS