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Casey H. Anderson, PhD

Position Responsibilities

  • Project management for web-based projects
  • Aid in development and maintenance of a web-based tools
  • Manage ICSPS website content and accessibility
  • Produce support documents and webinar content
  • Provide assistance with technology concerns at conference and professional development events
  • Assist with on-site civil rights reviews
  • Deliver professional development and technical support


  • PhD, Ecumenics and Peace Studies, Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College – University of Dublin, Dublin, Republic of Ireland.
  • M.A., Religion and Politics, Urbana Theological Seminary, Urbana, Illinois
  • B.A., Illinois College, Rhetorical Studies/Religion, Jacksonville, Illinois


  • Research
    Mobilization of political constituencies through rhetoric
    Rhetorical analysis paradigms and methodologies
    Coalition building and stakeholder engagement strategies
    Narrative construction and mass communication strategies
    Moral and ethical issues in public policy
  • Civil-Rights
    Knowledge of federal civil rights legislation, guidance, and compliance requirements
    Knowledge pf web accessibility requirements, standards, and evaluation methods
    On-site civil rights review team experience
    Deliver technical assistance related to civil rights review visits
    Develop web tools for civil rights reviews
    Deliver state and national presentations on civil rights review website and web tools
    Deliver state presentations of supporting special population students
    Create resources to assist in providing support services to students with disabilities
  • Professional Development
    Support delivery of state professional development events and conferences
    Deliver state and national presentations on ICSPS projects
  • Self-Assessment development
    Creation of the Illinois Essential Employability Skills Self-Assessment
  • Web Projects
    Manage maintenance of and develop content for
    Manage the creation and maintenance of and development of content for
    Manage the creation and maintenance of