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Aimee Julian

Aimee LaFollette Julian, PhD


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Email address alafoll
Phone: 309/438-5122
Picture of Connie Borowski

Connie Borowski

Projects Coordinator

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E-mail address cjborow
Phone: 309/438-1952

Casey H. Anderson

Technology Coordinator/ Web Accessibility Coordinator

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 Email address Chande1
 Phone: 309/ 438-1838
Our website is currently undergoing a full accessibility review.  Questions related to Website accessibility, requests for accessible versions of resources, or suggestions for accessibility improvements can be directed to Casey Anderson.
 Picture of Nikki Michalak

Nikki Michalak

Research Coordinator

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Email address Nakempe
Phone: 309/438-1828

Brittany Boston

Research Coordinator

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Email address bnfeese
Phone: 309/438-1836
Martha Smith

Martha Smith

Office Support Specialist

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Email address mmsmit3
Phone: 309/438-5087