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Academic Counseling & Advising Workshop

Navigating the higher education system can be a daunting and confusing task. This is exacerbated when students present with special needs and challenges and don’t have clear career goals in mind. We as a system need to become more effective in our efforts to serve these students. During this workshop, we will: 1) Learn some basics of selected advising theories; 2) Share current strategies, and; 3) Gain additional ideas and strategies.

The Academic Counseling & Advising Workshop was held on two dates in two locations: March 17, 2016 – Springfield, IL or March 30, 2016 – Palos Hills, IL

To access the presentations please follow the links below:

Advising Practices to Foster Success
Advising Practices to Foster Success References Document

Appreciative Advising Follow Up Questions
Appreciative Advising Inventory
Drown the Bunnies Article
Softening Imperatives and Negatives Activity
Starfish Story
Statement of Core Values of Academic Advising



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