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ICAPS Braided Funding Webinar

ICAPS Braided Funding Webinar

The webinar was hosted on Jan 19, 2016 at 10:00 AM CST.

This engaging webinar presentation was designed to give ICAPS Programs detailed information about the fundamental components of braided funding. In addition, the presenter Lexie Waugh from Jobs for the Future (JFF)  answered specific questions or respond to issues programs had in regards to braided funding.

You can access the webinar through the following link.

ICAPS Braided Funding Webinar

Additional resources have been provided to supplement the information in the webinar.

The Jobs for the Future Return on Investment tool is available here: Fiscal Considerations Model ROI Tool

The instructions for its use can be accessed here: ROI Model Instruction

Finally, the slideshow presented during the webinar can be accessed independently here: Braided Funding Webinar Slideshow

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