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Screening and Selection Process Materials

Association House 16 Career Pathway Cluster Sample Occupations
Association House Interview Questions -Entering College and Career Path Employment
Association House Interview Questions – Entering Expectations of Training Education
Association House Interview Questions – Responsibilities
Association House Interview Questions – Support Students
Career Exploration Form – Kishwaukee College
Commitment Form- Heartland Community College
Contract of Understanding – Lincoln Land Community College
ICAPS Achievement Award- Black Hawk College
ICAPS Candidate Evaluation Form – Kishwaukee College
ICAPS Competitive Admission Criteria Rubric – Waubonsee Community College
iNAM Intake PaperworkElgin Community College
Initial Contact/Exit Plan Form – Prairie State College
Intake Assessment – Elgin Community College
Intake form 1 – Kishwaukee College
Intake Form 2 – Kishwaukee College
Interview Form – Lincoln Land Community College
Interview Form- Kishwaukee College
Learning Styles Assessment – Waubonsee Community College
Program Requirements – Elgin Community College
Student Agreement-Elgin Community College
Student CNCApplication for Pre-Manufacturing Program – Black Hawk College
Student Data Sheet Intake – Waubonsee Community College
Student File Audit – Waubonsee Community College
Student Inquiry

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