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FY16 Postsecondary Perkins Guidelines Webinar


The FY16 Postsecondary Perkins Guidelines Webinar took place from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm on March 24, 2015.   The fiscal year 2016 Postsecondary Perkins Guidelines Webinar provided an opportunity for community colleges to focus their local plans to ensure they meet the goals of the ICCB and Perkins legislation and that they address the nine (9) required uses of funds and any of the permissive uses of funds.  The target audience of Postsecondary Administrators and Postsecondary Perkins Directors and Coordinators joined the State for an engaging discussion of the FY16 Guidelines during which changes and expectations were outlined and defined.

FY16 Postsecondary Perkins Guidelines Webinar
FY16 Postsecondary Perkins Guidelines Webinar PowerPoint Presentation

FY16 Carl D. Perkins Postsecondary Career & Technical Education Grant Manual


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