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FY15 College and Career Readiness Institute


The College and Career Readiness Institute took place from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm on March 11, 2015, at the Marriott Hotel in Normal, Illinois.  The Institute is a product of the Bridging the Gap project which is focused on local curriculum alignment efforts centered around the common core state standards.  It was designed to showcase local alignment initiatives and innovative practices focused on remedial/developmental education reform, academic innovation, and curriculum alignment and partnerships between secondary and postsecondary institutions. Additionally, the Institute highlighted best practices in Developmental Education including STEM CCR bridge models, the Illinois Mathematics Association of Community Colleges’ (IMACC) Preparatory Mathematics for General Education course, and other promising practices in Developmental Education.  The target audience included Postsecondary Faculty, Deans, Chief Academic Officers, Program Coordinators, Academic Advisors, etc. as well as Secondary Faculty, Principals, Superintendents, EFE Directors, Counselors, etc.


Dr. Strayhorn’s Keynote Address Resources–“A Framework for Ensuring Student Success”:

#Trending Topics on Cultural Navigation


A Step-By-Step Plan to Create, Collaborate, and Sustain Partnerships for Curriculum Alignment
The Changing Face of the Illinois Articulation Initiative
Lending Voice and Bridging Gaps: Understanding STEM CCR Students’ Perspectives
An Accelerated Learning Program to Academic Language Proficiency for Limited English Proficiency Students in College-Level English
Veterans Credit/Military Training Credit
Incorporating S.I.M.P. into Developmental Writing Courses: Best Practices in the English 097 Exit Exam
Aligning the Goals: Bridging the Gap
Level UP, UP, UP and Away: The Reinvention of Preparing Students for College-Level Learning
Strengthening Dual Credit Through Common Core Standards
Jump Start: A Community College Summer Bridge Program in Math and English
CARS Manufacturing
Coaching for Academic Success: From Vision to Reality
The Integration of K-14 Partnerships and Beyond

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