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Transition Program at Middlesex Community College


The nationally recognized Transition Program, established in 1985, is a two-year non-credit certificate program designed for students with significant learning disabilities who would find college level academics too challenging, even with extensive supports.  The program at Middlesex in Bedford, which is the only one of its kind at a community college in Massachusetts, prepares students for Office and Business Support occupations through specialized coursework.  Additionally, it provides on-the-job training through internship placements in competitive business settings.  The program focuses on good work habits and personal development and communication skills and teaches job seeking and job survival skills.  The most recent employment data of alumni for the 2014 graduating class are 12 out of 16 working in a paid capacity, one volunteering and two continuing their education.  For the 2013 graduating class, 13 out of 16 students are working in a paid capacity, and two are volunteering and continuing their education.


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