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Project STRIDE at Manchester Community College


Project STRIDE is for single parents, single pregnant women and displaced homemakers who are matriculated at Manchester Community College in Manchester, New Hampshire. It is funded though the Carl Perkins Federal grant and provides student support as well as financial support through support groups and workshops for qualifying students in select majors. Any single parent or displaced homemaker enrolled in the college is welcome to join STRIDE and attend the support meetings. To be considered for stipends from STRIDE, a student needs to apply and qualify for Federal Financial Aid. Another requirement for receiving STRIDE stipends is a willingness to attend and participate in group meetings or check in regularly with the STRIDE Coordinator. STRIDE offers an opportunity to network with other single parents and share information or experiences that can be helpful to the unique needs of single parent students.  Funded by the Carl Perkins Grant, Project Stride also provides grants for students who meet all requirements of the program. Grants can be used for college and living expenses and are awarded during the Spring semester.

Information Sheet

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