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RN Ready Program at Sauk Valley Community College


The RN Ready program at Sauk Valley Community College in Dixon, Illinois, was geared toward students in the Nursing program who fell into at least one of the following Special Populations: economically disadvantaged, single parents or English language learners. These students had all failed one Nursing class which would set them back and put them at risk of failing the NCLEX Nursing Exam. The Virtual ATI program was selected to reduce barriers and to raise the Nursing program’s retention and graduation rates. Seven students were initially in need of the program. New Look allowed Sauk Valley to purchase five of the product, and the Sauk Valley Community College Foundation helped to accommodate the remaining two students, so all seven students were given the $275 program at no cost. Students were invited to a luncheon to receive their product. To date, five of the seven students who were given the program have taken and passed the NCLEX exam.

New Look Web Page
Final Report

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