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Call Me MISTER Program at Midlands College


Midlands Technical College’s (MTC) Call Me MISTER project in Columbia, South Carolina, seeks to recruit, train and assist in the certification of Black males who are interested in becoming elementary school teachers in South Carolina’s public schools. The project prepares students for the first two years of a teacher education training program. Upon completion of the MTC Call Me MISTER program and/or prerequisite requirements, students may transfer to a four-year institution’s Call Me MISTER program to complete a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Fewer than two percent of the nation’s public school teachers are black men. That means that many African-American boys will go through their entire education without having a teacher who looks like them. As the face of America is changing, students need teachers, mentors and role models that reflect both sexes and all races. Now, more than ever, black men are needed as teachers. Having a role model can be particularly important for black boys. The growing need for black men in the teaching profession is opening new doors and opportunities. MTC Call Me MISTER students have the benefit of an academic coach, valuable workshops, mentor teachers and personal assistance to help earn their teaching credentials. Each MTC participant will receive an annual scholarship his first year. The amount of this scholarship is determined on a year-by-year basis. It may be renewed a second year for students with a 2.5 GPA. Students who go on to transfer to a participating four-year institution may receive a stipend to help with their education.

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