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Assistive Technology Video Library at Rock Valley College


The goal of the Assistive Technology (AT) project at Rock Valley College in Rockford, Illinois, is to increase the amount and quality of training resources available to students with disabilities via creation of an AT Video Library to allow users to be better informed about available technology options.  Historically, a relatively small number of students have used AT on campus due to a variety of factors, such as lack of prior experience, limited resources for training and support and minimal information available to them while still in high school.  Increased resources and more focused efforts on promotion and marketing of the AT products available at the college should result in greater numbers of students using AT.  As the students become more comfortable and proficient in using the products, a positive correlation should be observed between usage rates and persistence, retention and completion rates by these students.  The first three instructional videos were produced for the following assistive technology products: Livescribe pen, digital tape recorder and an Intel Reader, and two to three new AT videos are created and added to the growing video library each year.  The videos are posted to the Disability Services webpage for access by staff, students, and community members needing tutorial assistance.  In addition, an updated Assistive Technology services brochure for prospective students includes information about the types of AT products available at the college. The brochure is disseminated at meetings and events and to community partners.  This project can be easily replicated.

Program Brochure
Final Report

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