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Paralegal Studies New Look Project

In February of 2014, we hosted the formation of the Student/Alumni Paralegal Organization.  The students requested this organization in the past, and we accommodated their request.  The purpose of the organization was to allow the students to invite speakers for continuing education opportunities and to network amongst each other.  The initial meeting was a huge success.  We had close to 40 attend or express a genuine interest in the organization.  Since the initial meeting we have had more than 15 others join the organization.

We had also re-drafted our brochure to entice pre-law students.  Many of our students in the past have used the program as a “spring-board” to law school.

Our marketing and printing department developed a bookmark for the program.  This bookmark has been distributed at a number of events and high schools.

A video of past and present students were interviewed by our media department.  It was used on “Bulldog Bites” and we are using it as a marketing tool on our website.  The students discussed the value of the program and how it has allowed them to excel in the field.

We re-drafted our Exit Interview form to include positive comments.  Those comments are currently being gathered to include on our website as a promotional tool.

I visited at least three (3) high schools for Career Days.  Many of the students were undecided, and many did not have an interest in Paralegal Studies.

We hosted an Open House for the program in January.  We invited some graduates of the program to assist.  We had nine (9) attend.  Of those nine, seven (7) registered for either the Spring or Summer semester.

We continued to develop our partnership with the South Suburban Bar Association (SSBA) and the local judiciary.  This partnership has re-introduced the program to the legal community.  By attending the meetings, we have been given the opportunity to market the program at no cost.  In addition, many of our students were given internships that were not present before this partnership.  Finally, we have had at least three (3) new students enroll as a result.

Finally, we hosted the First District Appellate Court arguments on the campus of South Suburban College.  This was an actual “live” argument.  More than 250 students, teachers, administrators, judges, lawyers and members of the general public attended.  This was a largely successful event.  We provided lunch to the high school students and Justices afterwards, where the students were given a forum to ask questions.

Jason M. Cieslik, J.D., Program Coordinator and Instructor of Paralegal Studies

Displaced homemakers, Economically Disadvantaged, English Language Learners, Individuals with Disabilities, Nontraditional Training and Employment, Single Parents

New Look Final Expenditure Report
Paralegal Brochure
Paralegal Bookmark
Law Day Flyer

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