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FY14 New Look Project: Southeastern Illinois College

One of the main barriers that our nursing students face, many of whom are single parents or displaced homemakers, is reliable transportation to and from clinical sites, which are a required instructional component of the nursing program, both LPN and RN.  SIC is located in a rural area, and the college’s district spans a wide region from northern White County to the southern counties of Hardin and Pope.  Many of the clinical sites are at a minimum 50 miles from the college’s main campus.  With the help of gas cards purchased through the New Look Grant, this barrier was reduced and/or eliminated for several nursing students.  Another challenge which many nursing students face is the high cost of textbooks and class supplies.  Nursing textbooks for one semester of classes can exceed $300 per student.  Even with students receiving financial aid or some type of support, the high cost of school supplies can exceed financial aid eligibility.  Having bookstore vouchers available for students helped to eliminate this barrier for many.  Below are a few quotes from students who were recipients of either a gas card, book voucher, or both:

“The book voucher was great!  I have not financial aid in summer; this voucher allowed me to buy both of my summer semester books.  Being a single parent brings big financial responsibilities.  The gas card also helped to relieve some of my financial stress,” Jana Mitchell, LPN student.

“Gas prices have increased so the cards were very helpful.  Coming back to school after having my daughter has been a financial strain.  The book voucher is a blessing since there is no financial aid in summer.  I was going to have to sacrifice something in order to afford my summer classes,” Haley Proctor, LPN student.

“My shortest drive to clinical is 30 miles one-way.  It is typical to spend at least $40.00 per week just on clinical travel.  The gas cards were very helpful since my work time is limited while in school,” Dale Pound, ADN student.

Karen Weiss

Economically Disadvantaged

Southeastern Illinois College
New Look Project 2014 Invoice
Gas card receipts
Travel expense receipts
SIC Bookstore vouchers and receipts

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