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True Child

Title of resource, project, or practice: True Child
Name(s), Title(s), and Affiliation of Leader(s): Riki Wilchins, Executive Director
Overview of the resource:

TrueChild helps donors, policy-makers and practitioners reconnect race, class and gender through “gender transformative” approaches that challenge rigid gender norms and inequities. We are especially interested in the impact of gender on at-risk communities, including those that are of color, LGBTQ, or low income.

Important elements or characteristics of the resource, project, practice or strategy:

True Child provides expertise and consulting services to philanthropic officers, policy-makers, and non-profits that increases the efficacy of philanthropic efforts, public policy and programmatic efforts while maximizing social returns. Specifically we:

1. Conduct trainings and briefings;
2. Develop white paper reports, tool-kits, and other intellectual collateral; and,
3. Work with grantees to develop and disseminate model “best practice” programs that have a strong gender focus.

We also conduct TrueChild Gender Audits© – including websites, printed material, new employee training and policy – that help organizations integrate a strong gender analysis into all aspects of their work and brand.

Lack of Role Models in Media Discourages Girls’ Involvement in STEM
Science, Math & Femininity: a True Child Report
Family Influences Gendered Interests in Young Kids (2010)

STEM Equity Pipeline Webinar featuring Riki Wilkins
Webinar Resource Document

Reported by: Lynn Reha
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