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SAILS: Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support

Contact information for project/initiative leadership: Chattanooga State Community College; Robert Denn, Project Director,; John Squires, Director of Mathematics,; Kimberly McCormick, Team Leader,
Year in which this project originated: 2012
Research/articles on which this project is based:

Statistics of students entering college “college math ready”

Essential programmatic elements of project/initiative:

– High school students are required to complete four years of math
– Supported by “Drive to 55”: goal to meet state workforce and training needs
– Pilot program began in 2012 and has grown exponential
– Target high school students not ready for college-level math
– Build a bridge between college instructors and high school teachers to develop curriculum
– Students’ scores and work are accessible by both the college and high school

Essential instructional practices of project/initiative:

– Bridge courses taught by high school teachers with college faculty collaboration
– ECHO Program (Early College Hybrid Online)
– Blended and mastery learning
– Classes must meet in a computer classroom at least 50% of the time
– Offer high school students bridge course as dual credit
– Content and assessments are delivered online

Implementation costs:

$1.125 million in funding from the Governor of Tennessee’s Office

Impact of project:

– 20 high schools and 600 students participated statewide in 2012
– 13 community colleges, 122 high schools, and 8,500 students participated in 2013-2014
– Students saved 8,000+ semesters
– Students completed 25,000+ competencies
– $4,500,000 saved in tuition and books
– 257 students enrolled in college math

Link to pertinent documents:
Link to pertinent documents:

Name of reporter: Katie Fehrenbacher
Email address of reporter:
Date of report: March 27, 2014

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