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Portfolio: A Non-Traditional Approach to Assessment in Developmental Education

Name of Event: NADE Conference 2014
Place of Event: Dallas, Texas
Date of Event: March 7, 2014
Title of breakout or keynote address: Portfolio: A Non-Traditional Approach to Assessment in Developmental Education
Name(s) and Affiliation of Speaker(s): Nara Martirosyan, Sam Houston State University, and Reubenson Wanjohi, Grambling State University
What were some sample outcomes of the project or instructional strategies?:

Teaching students to develop portfolios of their work and using those portfolios as assessment tools would support accreditation efforts at an institutional level. More specific to the classroom, portfolios support students in keeping track of their work and in seeing their development over time rather than simply through the lens of a high-stakes exam. It also supports students in developing stronger meta-cognitive skills, especially in the acceptance and use of feedback and in the construction of their own knowledge base.

What were some important elements or characteristics of the project or instructional strategies?:

Some important elements of this project were careful design of the portfolio to support accurate assessment and careful selection of web tool. They suggested Google Sites, Wikispaces, Blackboard, or Taskstream as possible sites.

Are there any outstanding names in the research that were referred to in the workshop? Please list.:

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Reported by: Rosie Banks

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