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High School Transcript Placement: The Process and Rewards

Name of Event: NADE National Conference
Place of Event: Dallas, TX
Date of Event: March 6, 2014
Title of breakout or keynote address: High School Transcript Placement: The Process and Rewards
Name(s) and Affiliation of Speaker(s): Amanda Schaefer & Marcie Sims, Green River Community College (Washington state)
What were some sample outcomes of the project or instructional strategies?:

Green River has a placement grid specific to the high school from which a student graduates that details what math class they will place into based on the most recent math class they took in high school along with the grade earned and a time limit on when the course was completed. There is then no need for a student to take the placement exam unless they desire to improve their placement.

One outcome that is very encouraging is that high school seniors are proving to be less likely to blow off math their senior year. More math is being taken by seniors and their grades are better than in the past because they know if they can earn a certain minimum grade they can place into a higher math course at Green River.

What were some important elements or characteristics of the project or instructional strategies?:

*Opening a dialogue between the high schools and the college that included teachers, counselors/advisers, administrators, testing center staff and IT staff
*Total transparency between all parties involved. It’s a two way street. Not only was info collected from the high school, but information was shared with the high school about what the expectations at the college are in terms of math courses.
*When evaluating how accurately students are being placed, students were also required to take the COMPASS test but were guaranteed they would receive the higher placement…via transcript and the grid or via COMPASS. This comparison served to validate placements or make changes when appropriate.
*Began with 5 high schools. Now have grids for 15 high schools and Green River is beginning to mentor other colleges on how to create grids based on their constituents.

Are there any outstanding names in the research that were referred to in the workshop? Please list.:

Reported by: Dawn Peterson

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