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Dramatically Raise Persistence and Success by Embedding Interventions

Name of Event: National Association of Developmental Education Conference 2014
Place of Event: Dallas, TX
Date of Event: March 6, 2014
Title of breakout or keynote address: Dramatically Raise Persistence and Success by Embedding Interventions
Name(s) and Affiliation of Speaker(s): Paula Khalaf, Lone Star College – Cy Fair ; Sharon Miller, Lone Star College – University Park ; Brian Reeves, Lone Star College – University Park
What were some sample outcomes of the project or instructional strategies?:

This presentation addressed the implementation of an embedded intervention system that Lone Star College faculty use to flag students and employ immediate interventions to increase students’ persistence and success. This intervention system improved retention and increased registration numbers.

What were some important elements or characteristics of the project or instructional strategies?:

This intervention system creates a basic timeline that provides cohesion throughout developmental courses. On the first day of class, students fill out a profile card that provides the instructor with information about their courses, work, and family responsibilities. The instructor then uses the back of the card to track interventions for that student throughout the course. During the first 3 – 4 weeks of the semester, instructors incorporate community-building activities, and they contact students who miss class. During week 4, instructors make students aware of their grade by providing them with a grade report broken into categories (homework, quizzes, tests) and also including tardies and absences. Mid-semester, instructors repeat the grade report and have a conference with each student. After mid-semester instructors are encouraged to incorporate more technology and creativity into their courses. Week 11 is “Faculty Advice Week”. This is scheduled before registration to allow students to ask questions and get advice from faculty about the courses they need the next semester. The system as a whole creates deeper instructor/student connections and provides students with the motivation and support they need to finish current courses and continue the next semester.

Are there any outstanding names in the research that were referred to in the workshop? Please list.:

Reported by: Katie Fehrenbacher

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