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Developmental Math – No Longer the Black Hole

Name of Event: National Association of Developmental Education Conference 2014
Place of Event: Dallas, TX
Date of Event: March 7, 2014
Title of breakout or keynote address: Developmental Math – No Longer the Black Hole
Name(s) and Affiliation of Speaker(s): Susan Barbitta, Guilford Technical Community College ; LaRonda Lowery, Robeson CC
What were some sample outcomes of the project or instructional strategies?:

This presentation discussed redesigning developmental mathematics into modules to decrease the length of developmental math time, increase the percent of students that complete developmental math in one year, and increase their success in gateway courses. The results were increased student success in both developmental math and curriculum math and cost savings for the student and college.

What were some important elements or characteristics of the project or instructional strategies?:

The redesign of the developmental mathematics program was focused on encouraging active learning, providing students with individualized assistance, providing ongoing assessment and prompt feedback, ensuring sufficient time on task and progress monitoring, and modularizing student learning. Eight modules were created. Students can register for a shell course that contains 1, 2, or 3 modules and must complete that minimum number of modules. However, if they complete the required number of modules early, they may then continue on and complete additional modules at no addition charge. This allowed for cost savings for students. If a student fails to complete the required number of modules, the modules they did complete are noted and they can continue the next semester instead of starting over.

Are there any outstanding names in the research that were referred to in the workshop? Please list.:

Reported by: Katie Fehrenbacher

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