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AIM (Acceleration in Mathematics) for Success!

Name of Event: National Summit on Developmental Mathematics
Place of Event: Anaheim, CA
Date of Event: October 30, 2013
Title of breakout or keynote address: AIM (Acceleration in Mathematics) for Success!
Name(s) and Affiliation of Speaker(s): Pamela Campbell, Associate Vice Chancellor for Educational Partnerships, San Jacinto College, Houston, TX
What were some sample outcomes of the project or instructional strategies?:

74.1% success rate

What were some important elements or characteristics of the project or instructional strategies?:

Characteristics of course:
-6 hour Elem/Int Algebra combined with transfer level College Algebra (just in time model);
-Lab hour on Fridays for tests and group work
-Cooperatively designed by college prep faculty and transfer level faculty
-Co-teaching model
-Two people are in the classroom all the time (One dev math and one college alg)
-Communication plan
-Partnership with student development
-Marketing to classes

Characteristics named by presenter as most impacting:
-Zero tolerance for absences or tardies (removal from course)
-Class size – 25 students
-Meets 5 days/week for a total of 7 hours per week
-Student commitment form
-College preparatory and academic math collaboration
-Frequent meaningful assessment and feedback
-“Just-in-time” instruction

Are there any outstanding names in the research that were referred to in the workshop? Please list.:

AIM Video

Reported by: Kelly Thannum

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