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Electronic Guideposts for Students’ Exploration of Career Pathways

Endemic to most postsecondary institutions is the discrepancy between individual program numbers taken from data records and the actual number of students pursuing a program’s credential. Too often, a student’s actual academic and career goals are not reflected in his/her declared student major record. Students, especially after extended leaves of absence from college, often shift their focus and goals but fail to inform college personnel. Such failure results in records not being updated which produces, among other things, inaccurate data reports, students taking unnecessary coursework, students taking longer to complete program requirements or not completing programs, students running out of financial aid due to the extended time required to complete program requirements, students not qualifying for some student support services, and students, who transfer to other postsecondary institutions, not having credits accepted because one institution’s courses are not applicable to the other institution’s program requirements. Lewis and Clark Community College has initiated new procedures and systems which promise to provide better data for reporting; program assessment, evaluation, and planning; more student success; and less student frustration.

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