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FY13 Waubonsee CC First Note to Parents New Look Project

First Note to Parents was an experiment to see if parents were interested in improving their understanding of the
transition experience. Based on the event attendance, interest of parents during intake sessions, and attendance at the
special education resource fair, we will continue to make the information available to parents and students in various
formats and times. We will evaluate the relevancy on an annual basis and make improvements as needed.
This project will be folded into the existing college calendar funded by the Access Center/Counseling budget. Because
the materials are easily disseminated, they can be used at high school and community presentations and Waubonsee
Parent Night events. Improved understanding of college expectations and of the college transition process should lead
to improved retention and completion rates among special populations students as they, and their support systems,
enter college better prepared to meet the challenges of higher education.

Final Report

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