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FY13 Kishwaukee College New Look Project

The project, “Partnerships for Progress,” targeted Perkins Special Populations, such as single parents and economically disadvantaged residents in DeKalb County, Illinois. The project consisted of three presentations about special training and opportunities in manufacturing within DeKalb County. The presentations were hosted at two local agencies serving special populations. The workshops were catered brunches which created a welcoming atmosphere for participants. Kishwaukee College created partnerships with the following agencies and employers as a result of this project: 4C’s Community Coordinated Childcare, Ideal Industries, Illinois workNet Center, U of Illinois Cooperative Extension, Kishwaukee College Automated Engineering Technology Advisory Committee, KC Earn and Learn Coordinator, A1 Safety Vests & Equipment. Overall, 23 students were served and invaluable partnerships formed with local agencies and employers.

Final Report
Save the Date Flyers
Automated Engineering Technology Presentation

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