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FY13 JWCC New Look Project

The purpose of this project was to increase enrollment, completion, and employment of special populations by providing a stronger, more cohesive resource net to serve them. In order to begin this process, we held collaboration and training meetings with area service agencies. Agency information was gathered at these for the purpose of creating a resource web. Future annual meetings will provide for a continued collaboration and updating of the resource web. Additionally, a Ruby Payne training on working with and supporting individuals living in poverty was provided. At the conclusion of the school year, related special populations’ data will be gathered for past and future comparison purposes. If replicating this project, it would be advantageous to the students and service providers to have the resource web available at the beginning of a school year.

Final Report
April 12 Agenda
May 10 Agenda
May 10 Presentation
Survey Pie Chart
Event Photos

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