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FY13 IECC/Olney Central College New Look Project

“Call Your Future………. It’s not Crazy”, was a Transition Expo for high school students with disabilities. It included eighteen booths with employers, college  instructors, and students providing information and hands on experiences in careers. In addition, students toured the campus with advisors, participated in an interactive employment success session with a local employment agency, and used the “Could This Be Your Life” web‐site to determine both post‐high school costs for rent and utilities and pay rates for various careers. Prior to attending, students completed both a pretest and a Career Assessment. Career Assessment results were used in the “Could This Be Your Life” activity and in determining which booths to visit. A Keynote address covered Cyber Safety and used Facebook profiles to demonstrate the various types of information that is shared online that could be potentially harmful. The Director of Financial Aid presented information on FAFSA applications. Finally, information was presented on how to access disability services in post‐secondary education both from the college and community agencies. College instructors found the Transition Expo portion one of the best they had attended and were impressed with the number of questions students asked at each booth. Key to success in this area seemed to be giving each student who asked questions tickets to enter in a drawing for door prizes which included an e‐reader. All feedback from the schools and students has been positive and this project will be replicated in 2015.

Final Report
Save the Date Flyer
Community Participant Letter
Student Evaluation Results
Event Photos

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