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Root Causes, Research, and Effective Practics on NTO Careers

This presentation to high school counselors provides information about why nontraditional occupations are a continuing topic of interest and about the benefits of nontraditional occupations to men, women, and the workplace. Participants receive a list of current programs of study which prepare students for nontraditional occupations and a summary of Nontraditional Career Preparation: Root Causes and Strategies, which outlines research into the root causes of participation in nontraditional careers. Examples of promising programs which follow the practices recommended in the Nontraditional Career Preparation: Root Causes and Strategies are provided and participants are encouraged to select practices which could be enacted in their schools.

Supplemental Material:
Benefits of Diversity in the workplace
Counselor’s Self-Study
Gender Gap Fact Sheet
A Guide to Gender Fair Counseling
Root Causes
Startling Statements
Gender Gap in Career Prep

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